Neurofeedback has been approved by approved by the Food and Drug Administration  (FDA) as a safe and effective way for managing neurological conditions. This is a drug free treatment that quickly produces results.

Our neurofeedback system is considered the premiere in the industry. We use a scientifically proven technology that is  comfortable and drug free. Neurofeedback helps clients  gain control over their lives by addressing the underlying cause of their neurological dysfunction.

When a part of the brain is operating at an unhealthy level (imbalanced, too fast, or too slow), the brain begins to dysfunction by being out-of-sync. Our state-of-art equipment helps to identify problem areas and quickly retrains the brain to function within the normal range.

Neurofeedback reconnects functional pathways in the brain which eliminates the individual’s problem. Using this process, the brain quickly learns to stay in healthy ranges permanently.

Neurofeedback is designed to target specific areas of the brain according to a client’s symptoms and pre-treatment brain scan analysis. Different symptoms will require targeting different areas of the brain to bring about a normal rhythm of individual brainwaves. Neurofeedback changes timing and activation patterns in the brain. These changes quickly improve overall brain function and well-being.

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