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There is Hope for you!

Over the years, one of the most common experiences I've witnessed with clients is how they lose their "hope" in life. Whether this loss of hope is from the stress of their own condition, or that of a loved one, the pain and discomfort is overwhelming. I know how it felt for me when I was looking for help for my 10-year old.

Alex was a bright, fun child, but suffered from stress, anxiety, depression, and learning disorders. Having tried everything I possibly could for him, I heard about neurofeedback. At first I wanted to research what it was and why it is different than all the conventional approaches I did in the past. As I got more into the neurofeedback research, I started to feel there might still be help (and hope) for my son. 

I began looking at multiple neurofeedback practitioners and found they were not all alike. As a matter of fact, some people doing neurofeedback didn't even have any psychotherapy background. Besides the lack of credentials, many of these practitioners were not using FDA approved equipment. 

I found the perfect neurofeedback practitioner, and my son's life changed for the better ever since that time. Using neurofeedback, we were able to identify specific areas of Alex's brain that were inactive and not communicating with other parts. Neurofeedback helped to fix my son's problem permanently--fast!

When neurofeedback helped Alex so much, I felt the need to share this amazing procedure with the world. I knew there were people out there just like me who lost hope and started to settle with the thought, "I'm just going to have to live with this problem." 

My son's grades changed. He began smiling and interacting with myself and others in a more healthy way. He actually began functioning completely normal.

I found the best neurofeedback equipment, backed by scientific research, and immediately started to do my own research on the subject. That is how Neurofeedback Group started. Our highly trained staff use the best neurofeedback equipment available today to help our patients, just as my son was helped.

My passion is to bring hope to clients by using neurofeedback to help them make positive changes in life by correcting the dysfunction in their brains. I feel blessed and honored to offer this service to our community.

Best regards,
Leslie P. Duckett, Ed.S, M.Ed, NCC
CEO and Founder Neurofeedback Group

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